Shark Earrings in 20 kt gold

Carmen Goertzen, 1987


USD $1,245.27

Shark earrings are carved in a profile of a shark and the fin of the shar is a raven head.  The gold is 20 karet, and the artist states the gold was collected on the east side of Haida Gwaii in an old closed mining area.

Hand carved gold 20 kt



USD $1,245.27

Carmen Goertzen was raised in Masset, BC. She is the hereditary Chief of the village of Dadens of Haida Gwaii. He inherited this title upon the death of Claude Davidson, the father of renowned artists Robert and Reg Davidson. Initially a self-taught artist, carving has been Goertzen’s main interest since he was 11 years old. After being taught to make tools by Robert Davidson, Goertzen began carving jewelry professionally in silver and gold in 1984.

Goertzen has developed a distinct style in both his design and carving skills. Since 1987 he has expanded his work to include pieces in wood and argillite.